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"Wessex Airscapes" Exhibition with Anna Dillon is now closed!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Wessex Airscapes exhibition at Radley College closed on 24th September after a very enjoyable 3 weeks; our grand opening was a wonderful event and on so many occasions Anna Dillon and I were pleased to see so many wonderful people.

Anna is a widely admired local artist with a fascinating, unique and extensive professional portfolio, famed for her specific interpretation of the landscapes she loves. Anna and I have been friends for a while now I am very excited that our unique collaboration went so well; she has painted many of my aerial shots for the exhibition and some are still for sale. Some of my framed images are also available to buy following the exhibition, do contact me if you are interested in seeing them. During the summer we led a series of walks up to Lowbury Hill prior to the event in collaboration with Pipsticks Walks, offering a further appreciation of this historically significant and beautifully remote landscape.

#Wessex #BerkshireDowns

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