• Hedley Thorne

Collaborative Exhibition with Anna Dillon - 2021 - "Wessex Airscapes"

Anna is a widely admired local artist with a fascinating, unique and extensive professional portfolio, famed for her specific interpretation of the landscapes she loves. Anna and I have been friends for a while now I am very excited to say that we have a unique collaboration in the making; she is painting many of my aerial shots for an exhibition we plan to hold at the Sewell Gallery in Radley College, near Abingdon this coming September. My images will be displayed alongside her magificent artwork and the theme will focus on the Lowbury Hill area and the Aston Upthorpe Downs in Oxfordshire, where it is widely believed the Battle of Ashdown occurred. During 2021 we plan to lead a series of walks up to Lowbury Hill for those who want a further appreciation of this historically significant and beautifully remote landscape. For more details watch this space! Anna's work can be admired or purchased at

#Wessex #BerkshireDowns

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